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How to Post your Garage Sale on GarageSalesWinnipeg.Com

How does it Work?
Posting your sale on GarageSalesWinnipeg.Com is easy. Imagine a website where users can post their garage sales by themselves without having to register. You simply fill in a form and provide information about your event and click [Add Event] at the end of your form, and your event is posted immediately in a neatly organized monthly Calendar of Scheduled Sales and List of Scheduled Sales. That’s GarageSalesWinnipeg.Com. No fuss, no confusion and no out of date events to look at. Best of all it’s FREE.  

Step 1: Click [Add Event] as shown in Figure 1
You can add your Garage Sale to the website by clicking the [Add Event] link  where shown in Figure 1 below on the Calendar of Scheduled Sales or the List of Scheduled Sales. You choose the Add Event link. Either link will take you to the same Form that you have to complete as shown in Fig 2.
Figure 1.     View of Add Event Links from Calendar and List of Scheduled Sales

Step 2: Click [Add Event] button to bring up Form

After having clicked the Add Event link, you will be presented with a corresponding Scheduled Sales form to complete, as illustrated in Figure 2 below. Start by selecting a Category (Blue arrow), then Select an Event date (Red Arrow), Enter your Event Title (Green Arrow) and Event Description (Purple Arrow) and your Event Web URL if you have one (Brown Arrow). Once you have your basic information included in the form, and then follow the last three instructions provided in the Figures below to complete the transaction for posting. 
Figure 2.     Garage Sale/Event Form

Step 3: Click [Browse] button to Upload Your Event Photo.
Click on the [Browse] button, as seen next to the Black Arrow to locate your photo. I store all my ready to go images on my desktop, but you can upload your  photo from wherever you store it. Click the desired event photo (mine was awesome garage sale this way.jpg , as the Red Arrow shows), and click the Open button below (see Green Arrow) to upload your photo.

Figure 3.     Choosing an Image file to Upload with your event

Step 4: Click [I’m not a robot] button followed by the [Add Event] button to complete your form.
Click the [I’m not a robot] button like the Black Arrow shows in Figure 4 below.  Then follow the instructions in the blue box presented. In this case, it asks you to identify all pictures with street numbers. You would have clicked all the Red Arrow ones until all street number photos disappear altogether. Then click the [Verify] button as shown by the Green Arrow in Figure 5 below, and finally click the [Add Event] button (Green Arrow) as shown in Figure 4 below to have your event posted immediately.
Figure 4.     I’m not a robot button and Add Event buttons.

Figure 5.  I’m not a robot form.

How Do I know My Sale/Event Was Published?
A little message will appear above the Garage Sales Form to tell you the Event was Published (see Black Arrow pointing left), as shown in Figure 6 below.

Figure 6.     Event Published

If your Picture/image is too big you may get another message like Event Published Without Image or Incorrect verification of "I'm not a robot" so make sure your image is less than 2 megabites.


List Of Scheduled Sales

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