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Take Your Garage Sale to the Next Level at GarageSalesWinnipeg.Com

by Ihor Cap
We all know that posting your garage or yard sale online is a great way to get your message out to the community. The problem is, many online websites can be confusing, out of date and even costly.
Current Online Garage Sale Sites Have Too Many Issues:
Yes you can post your ad at no cost, except that there are a lot of buts that follow you after that. Your ad disappears very fast and you have to pay to bump it up or pay to have it featured. Keeping your event up front and center can become costly in a sea of events. A link cost’s extra and on and on it goes.
A neatly organized calendar would make sense but then how would these sites make money? Alternately, at least provide a list of scheduled events that do not list expired events. Looking at expired events not only confuses you but also wastes your time. It’s frustrating. This will only lead you to submit another notice that will not only duplicate the content of your initial posting, but also rob you of your valuable time.
Worse still. You may land on a website home page and ask “Where are the garage sales altogether?” Maybe here or there. Ohhhhh, that’s where they are. Yeah. It makes you wonder if these sites are really in the business of helping you or helping themselves. You be the judge.
What can I do about it? Go to a website with a tried and true platform that offers you both an orderly calendar of events and a list of current scheduled garage sales. Go to
What offers:
1. Search for Sales. Submit Your Sale. (FREE).
2. Upload an image for your event. (FREE)
3. Post a website URL address for your event. (FREE) Alternately, post a Facebook, YouTube or Google Maps link instead. (FREE)
4. Information about garage sales and related events, and
5. Links to useful videos of interest.

6. and it’s mobile friendly....
Submit your Garage Sales, Yard Sales and Moving Sales, Bake and Craft Sales and free give-aways or any other type of related sale that you or your organization is hosting on It's Free to use. Events are neatly organized into a Calendar of Scheduled Sales so you are never confused. Events are also presented in a List of Scheduled Sales so you never look at an event that is expired. Make your event a success – post your event in today!
About the Author: Ihor Cap is a Web Author and Dad.

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