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Plugboard Rules.. •1. Do NOT plug porn, hate, racist, OR sites with profanity!... •2. Wait until your button has been pushed off the board then plug again...broken links and sites we consider in bad taste will be removed.. •3. Use buttons (boutons) which are the correct size for the board you are using and directly linkable from your hosting site...much appreciated •4. We realize double plugging happens by accident from time to time but continuous double plugging will get you banned..follow the rules and all will be fine. The PLUGTABLE administration has spoken.

How to Plug your Button or Banner Instructions

Three pixel sizes of website buttons & banners and one Text Links Plugtable are offered to advertise your website, each with a fixed number of available slots (place disponible). These include the 88x31 Plugtable, the 125x125 Plugtable, and the 468x60 Plugtable. Choose the Plugtable where you wish your button or banner to appear. Goto the bottom of that Plugtable and enter the button (or bouton) URL address where your button or banner is hosted (e.g. and then enter your site URL address (e.g. where the visitor will go once they click on your button/image. Then press the grey colored PLUG button and your button banner should be visible. For the Text Links Plugtable, just add a Text line, enter your web URL address and press the grey PLUG button. That's it folks!
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